OFA – MindMapping

Back in December I promised to post a utility for publishing OFA data using the popular open source mind mapping software FreeMind.

Well here it is at last. The following link is a .zip file containing all installation files, documentation. Read the readme.txt file to get information on getting started.

Due to limitations on supported filetypes on this WordPress blog, the filename has been changed. Remove the .pdf file extension and replace the ‘-zip’ with ‘.zip’. If your browser automatically opens files with a PDF extension in the Acrobat plugin, right click on the file and select the appropriate ‘save file’ option.

Freemind GPL Release 1-zip

This utility has been release under the GPL, therefore anyone is free to use it and modify as desired. The word ‘freedom’ has two commonly used meanings which are embodied in two phrases widely used in the Free Software community :

  • ‘Free as in beer’ – meaning no cost.
  • ‘Free as in speech’ – meaning freedom of expression, sometimes referred to using the French
    term ‘libre’.

The key condition of the GPL is that code released under it’s conditions is free and always remains free regardless who uses or modifies it. GPL code can never be made proprietary and hidden away.
Likewise all documentation connected with this utility is released using the ‘Creative Commons’ license. This license is the equivalent of the GPL for creative works, including written documents.

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