Sample OLAP DML Code – “GPLCODE”

As promised some time ago I am putting in place the foundations for releasing OLAP DML code using the GNU Public Licence (GPL), i.e. Open Sourced OLAP DML code.

The intention is to build up a body of useful OLAP DML utilities that will help Oracle OLAP developers manipulate Analytic Workspaces and their content.

This initial release lays the foundation for this rather than releasing any particularly useful utilities. However this release is essential for distributing GPL licenced code; code that I will be releasing will be designed to work within the context of this AW.

The following links contain  files to install the AW and installation instructions. Note the first 2 links appear to be .PDF files, this is due to limitations on supported filetypes on this WordPress blog. The first is an EIF (Express Interchange File), remove the .pdf file extension and replace the ‘-eif’ with ‘.eif’. The second is an Express ‘infile’, remove the .pdf file extension and replace the ‘-inf’ with ‘.inf’



GPLCODE Installation Instructions (PDF)

GPLCODE Installation Instructions (ODT)

I hope to post the first useful GPL code to be installed in this AW in the next few days. This is likely to cover the issue of maintaining a visible  Oracle 11g Dimension from an existing AW dimension, for example migrating an existing AW dimension into an 11g Dimension defined using AWM.

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